Hi, my name is Cole Kachejian, and welcome to KachejianMedia

For years now I’ve delved into many aspects of art, such as photography, film, and creative/script/commentary writing. I’ve learned how art can be used to make a lasting impact, and it all starts with the guy behind the camera or computer, me. From studying Psychology to TV/Video Production, I have chosen to dive deep into the stories our art can help tell.

There can be a lot of meaning in a photo, and more than just 1,000 words. I hope that my art can help you find the meaning you’re looking for too.

You can also find me on Instagram: @kachejianphotography and @kachejianmedia

You can find my video work as well on my YouTube channel: KachejianMedia

If you’re looking for photography or videography services in New York, you can reach me at kachejianmedia@gmail.com