I’m feeling a lot of anxiety right now, there’s probably a lot of reasons why, and I can feel the pressure as it’s reaching up to my eyes, pushing me to cry. 

I don’t know if it’s fear or just the feelings of my heart beating super fast. But no matter what I do I can’t get it to fricken pass. 

The anxiety fills my veins and all the empty spaces inside, and the pain of it all you may think would make me want to die. But I can’t die, no, not yet, I have so much to live for, on that you can bet. This anxiety will manifest into something more but it’s my choice on if I let it stay or if I let it walk out through the door. 

I got anxiety, but yeah that’s just me. I got anxiety. Got no way to break free. I got anxiety. Feel it rushing through my veins. I got anxiety. Feels like I’m going insane. 

Maybe I’m insane, or maybe I’m just heartbroken, but I say it plain, my burdens are just tokens, for a ride of a lifetime, through a future unset, I’m dying but grinding because now I can’t rest. For everything I’ve been through, imma say it’s a test, to prepare me for, everything that comes next.