In the season finale of CK and CK at the Movies, it seems that CK has broken away from CK, and EB has stepped in. For a very strange episode of CK and CK, this one takes the trophy as the strangest. Cam brings in Edward Baillargeon to join him and co-host an episode as the two reviews “Promising Young Woman”. In a rather elegant review, the two go over the films’ many beautiful and tortured aspects that cover some rather hushed topics. As their review ends, however, some familiar faces make their return, and the future of CK and CK at the Movies is forever changed.

Source: Cameron Kaercher on YouTube

Contributions to this episode: co-director, talent, co-writer, and co-producer. Cameron Kaercher’s contributions to this episode: director, talent, co-writer, editor, and co-producer. All shots were filmed at SUNY Plattsburgh for PSTV.