CK and CK at the Movies started off as a final project (and what will become the pilot of a series to come) for my friend Cameron Kaercher and I for a class in college known as PSTV, otherwise called Plattsburgh State Television or CMM 233. This final project featured a story of essentially dramatic caricatures of Cam and I’s personalities as we reviewed the times hottest films. However, as Cam and Cole begin to discuss the movies, their conversations start to get a bit sidetracked, and the show becomes a lot more than just about films, as the two of us begin to argue and fight and the show comes crumbling down. Cameron came to me with this idea, inspired by the great show On Cinema at the Cinema by Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington, and after telling him I had no clue what that was, he smiled, I was confused, and we both got to work on making something very fun.

Source: KachejianMedia on YouTube

Contributions to this project: talent, editor, and co-producer. Cameron Kaercher contributions: director, talent, and co-producer. Aaron Smith and Edward Baillargeon were two additional group members that assisted with audio, lighting, camera work, and stage management, as well as were partially featured in the video.