Dear Reader,

If your reality is a reality where only good things happen, then this reading is not for you. Because frankly you do not exist if that’s your reality. However, if you have suffered through hardships and loss. If you have felt regret and guilt. If you have felt as if the darkness is all around you, then continue to read on, but be weary, for this is a letter that will manipulate your mind. Well, that’s an underrated statement, for it will affect more than just your conscience mind, it will control every fiber of your soul. So now that you have been warned, and if you are not terrified to continue reading, then let’s begin…

What’s your happiest memory? Think about that memory for a few moments. You recognize how it almost makes you want to smile, maybe even chuckle a bit. Now completely disregard that memory because it has no place here. Instead, think of the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Remember how much that situation affected you in that moment? You probably don’t want to think about it anymore, do you? Well, you’re going to do the complete opposite, in fact, you need to stop everything else from going on around you and only focus on that memory. Festering deeply on this memory is difficult, isn’t it? Well if you are too weak to control your anger for remembering that memory as much as your angry that you’re still reading this, then stop reading now, but it is implored to you not to do so.


Moving Forward, take this memory, this horrible and painful memory, and try to think what you could have done to prevent that. If you have just done so, you have already made a horrible mistake. You have made a horrible mistake because your life needs to be how it is now, and you preventing that memory from taking place, can alter that greatly. You want to just forget this memory now and stop reading this before it gets even worse. Well you can be promised that it does. But again, that is truly the wrong decision. Furthermore, ask yourself this question, did this situation happen because of you, or another source? Can you think of why this moment in time happened when all went wrong?

Particular moments in time, specifically terrible moments, are some of the most needed moments to happen. The majority of humans would say otherwise, unless you’re a terrorist. Assuming you’re not a terrorist, you probably hate when bad things happen, which is completely reasonable for someone like you then. But if you appreciate those bad things, and take from them, you already know what follows. If you are not one of these people, then you have a lot to learn.

Take death for instance, it’s a terrible thing for both the loved ones and the unknown of the deceased. Why is it such a terrible thing for one human when for someone else, it does not matter. There are so many stories out there, a lot of people have the gift to be able to be heard from their loved ones around them. But not all humans on Earth get that chance to be heard. Hell, some humans haven’t even gotten the chance to truly start their stories. Stories that some would laugh at, some would smile at, or some would cry at. Going back to the tremendous scenario that is death, humans die every minute and have their loved ones to take care of their legacies when they cannot anymore.


Ultimately, not everyone in the world has been given the same respect. Not everyone has a huge funeral, nor a proper ceremony honoring what they would want. People don’t always feel that they have support, and it drives them insane. Take a second once again and think about your loved ones, and determine if you truly believe that each and every single one of them would lay down everything important for you. Then ask yourself if you’d actually allow them to. In those few moments, if you were being honest with yourself, you have revealed the true nature of everyone you know and all that you are.


So, because time can be so limited, let’s get back to that terrible memory that you forgot about. You didn’t expect that to be brought back up did you? Then again, maybe you did. That memory makes you feel horrible inside. Its makes your eyes almost want to tear, you feel fist almost wanting to clench fiercely as you need a need a way to distract all that stressful adrenaline filling in your blood. But wait, that isn’t adrenaline, for its something even darker, something even more powerful, Fear. You’re thinking its Anger, or Hate, or even Guilt, and it very well may be. Well, in your mind it is. But that Fear is what is killing you right now as it did to me years ago. Fear controls you. Stress controls you. You hate that it does but the longer you read this, the more you realize that is the truth.

You probably can see a lot of things wrong with a lot of humans, but focus on yourself right now. Focus on all those horrible things you have done, not just to others, but to yourself. Those feelings talked about before are just getting stronger right now, aren’t they? If they are, and they should be, you’re almost there.

Instead of punching that thing you’re looking at right now, channel your feelings, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Think of the one human that means more to you than anyone else. Picture them if you can on their deathbed, you are the only one by their side. Before answering, know that you have only 10 seconds to answer, do not think, as you already know what the answer is, if they are the human that means the most to you that is. So keep picturing that human, imagine that you are the only one they have by them right now in this moment. What are they saying to you? What are there last words?

Now that you heard those words, how do you feel? Did you even hear those words? If not, go back and go deeper into your soul for the answer. When you are finished, return back to this point. For those of you that did receive your answer. Do you realize how that answer almost calms you down, how hearing and seeing them say those final words gave you the comfort that you matter in someone else’s story. You see? Without even realizing it you just felt comfort from death, even if that comfort was saddening, you aren’t as upset like you were earlier, are you?


For the death of one chapter of your life, only means for you to lead into a new one, where you can look now at your pure human self, and why you’re ready to leave your demon behind, forever.