Flash To The Past is a series created by Hailee Olsen, a student at SUNY Plattsburgh, and a fellow manager of Plattsburgh State Television (PSTV). Hailee came to me the semester before this show began production with the idea of potentially coming on as her lead, and for what little I knew on the project, I was already very excited. Flash To The Past brings the audience on a time-traveling journey with our main character Scott Ender after he discovers a strange device resembling a futuristic type of watch while moving into his new apartment with his friend Dylan, played by fellow PSTV manager Jeffrey Koff. In this pilot episode, after discovering the device and bantering with Dylan, Scott takes the device to a pawn shop to learn more about what it could be. But will his journey ahead be as clear as he expects? Watch what happens on the first episode of Flash To The Past.

Source: Hailee Olsen on YouTube

Contributions to this episode: talent. Hailee Olsen’s contributions to this episode: director, writer, and editor. All shots were filmed at SUNY Plattsburgh, for PSTV.