In the third episode of Flash To The Past, Scott Ender (Cole Kachejian) decides to use the device once again to travel back in time to fix the present-day issues he begins to see from his roommate Dylan (Jeffrey Koff). But when he travels back to what he thought would be the wild west, he realizes that the device has actually brought him back to the 70’s during a peaceful protest. When Scott is yet again reluctant to help the people in need, the cloaked figure, who goes by the name Ethan Sloan (Aaron Smith) returns once again to guide Scott in the right direction, and give him the push he needs to help the hippies (Faith Rodgers and Brennan Dowd) out. Scott hopes that if he completes this task, he can make it back to his time, and hopefully get everything back to normal, or so that’s what Ethan makes it sound like.

Source Hailee Olsen on YouTube

Contributions to this episode: talent. Hailee Olsen’s contributions to this episode: director, writer, and editor. All shots were filmed at SUNY Plattsburgh, for PSTV.