In the fourth episode of Flash To The Past, Dylan (Jeffrey Koff) confronts Scott (Cole Kachejan) and his odd behavior, but when Scott confesses that he has been traveling back in time, Dylan becomes skeptical and insulting to his claims. In order to prove to Dylan that Scott is telling the truth, Scott uses the device once again. This time, Scott finds himself in 1922, and with great thought from creator Hailee Olsen, this episode will page homage to great noir films of the time, by being in black and white. Will Ethan (Aaron Smith) be able to save Scott this time from The Banker (Hailee Olsen) and her bodyguards (Harrison Swales and Sydney Dennerlein)? Find out on this episode of Flash To The Past.

Source: Hailee Olsen on YouTube

Contributions to this episode: talent. Hailee Olsen’s contributions to this episode: director, talent, writer, and editor. All shots were made at SUNY Plattsburgh, for PSTV.