In the series finale of Flash to the Past, Scott Ender’s (Cole Kachejian) desperation to fix Dylan (Jeffrey Koff) and turn things back to the way that they were before he found the device, causes him to jump back in time once again, now being able to control where and when he goes. In an attempt to jump back to before his younger self found the device, Scott ends up in a purgatory type plane of existence, where he surprisingly meets all the people he’s helped from each time he’s jumped back in time. Confused and a bit frightened, the group relaxes Scott before revealing news about Ethan Sloan (Aaron Smith) that will forever change the course of Scott’s life. After working on the first four episodes, Hailee and I had many conversations about how we wanted to end the series and what made the most sense, but she allowed me to have a lot of creative freedom and direction with this episode in particular and we were very excited to bring this series to a close in the best way that we could together. And without the amazing crew of PSTV, it also would not have been possible to film this show and this episode, in particular, in the way that we did.

Source: Hailee Olsen on YouTube.

Contributions to this episode: co-director, talent, choreographer. Hailee Olsen’s contributions to this episode: director, talent, writer, and editor. All shots were filmed at SUNY Plattsburgh, for PSTV.